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For every step we take, we must travel a thousand journeys

Born in 1975, in Middlesbrough, England, to parents Eric and Julie Fairweather, the family relocated to Manchester a year later, along with his elder sister, so that his father could secure better-paid employment.

With numerous Exhibitions to date, Gray Fairweather became more established in the art world amongst his peers and collectors but it was not until 2010 that the Artist was drawn to the idea of exhibiting his work and preferred to paint in total privacy. Now having been Exhibited in London, Paris, Prague, and, more recently,  exhibitions in Barcelona, he seems to have developed a desire to share his work with others.


Through his art, he endeavours to evoke emotions within viewers. A self-taught artist, Gray does not adhere to any particular style or genre. Rather, he creates intuitively and emotionally, listening to and conveying his feelings when approaching the canvas.


Having never studied Art academically and refusing to take the exam at school, he did study Drama & Theater Arts at the University of Staffordshire, UK, where he graduated in 2004. Perhaps this has influenced his need for enhancing the theatrical in his works.  Now residing in Prague, Czech Republic, he is currently working on commissions and preparing to extend his collections of works that were developed during his stay in other European cities he has travelled to.  


Gray welcomes people to visit his studio.

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